Tuesday, November 19, 2013

O' Christmas Tree.... 2013!

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Or winter, at the very least. While the weather still has that Oklahoman unpredictability- it was nearly 80 degrees on Sunday- it's taken a decidedly cold turn over the last few weeks. We had a spat of low forties and high thirties, and a whole slew of 50's! Taco has been sleeping snuggled up against my side every night for the last few weeks. Poor thing, I think she gets chilly at night!

Though she's not amiss to snuggling in the blankets during the day either!

I decided over the weekend to tidy up our poor living room... I'd never really cleaned it before, not any type of hard core dusting and whatnot, and since we got our new gianormous HD TV in the bedroom... Well, the living room hasn't seen a lot of use recently. But the fun of spending hours in bed watching TV had finally worn off, and I began to long for sitting on couches again! I attacked the living room's grim with a vengeance, wiping down every blind, vacuuming ALL the things, even the couches, wiping down the fireplace mantle where the cats food goes, washed all the blankets and pillows I could, febreze'd everything... There was only one thing I couldn't clean...

Our incredibly grimy loveseat. We've had it for years, and I believe it was years old when we got it. I think it was a hand me down from Matt's parents, but I'm not positive. Years ago, when we lived in the tiny apartment in Stillwater, we didn't have a full bed we could both sleep on. We put the loveseat in the bedroom and pulled a twin mattress up next to it on the floor. Matt slept on the loveseat for a year or two, before we inherited the mattress from my parents... and it's at least 14 years old, can't wait to get a new one with springy springs in it, and neither can my back!

Anyway, there just isn't any way to really clean it, and reupholstering is one job I don't know if I'm comfortable tackling, especially since there's a broken cross beam in the bottom. Why bother reupholstering something I want to replace at the earliest convenience? That's where my lovely new brown slipcover comes in!

They never seem to fit like they show in the picture... I safety pinned the separate cushions to the loveseat itself, and slipped the cover right over the top of everything. I was thinking about maybe getting new foam to stuff everything with, but it's a lot more cost and effort for something I really just want rid of at this point. In any case, it makes it look much, much nicer, and I'll be able to take the slipcover off and toss it in the wash whenever I feel like it's getting dingy! And while I was busy cleaning up, I went ahead and set up the Christmas Tree!

I know, I know, it's way early for a tree. I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put it up, but I was in the mood to just get it done. I love Christmas trees with a passion and it's a tradition I refuse to give up. But I'm the first one to admit that they're kind of a P.I.T.A to put up, you know? Branches poking you in the face, having to run the lights around it, individually put all the ornaments on, crawling around on the ground to get the skirt over it.... Not a lot of fun. Also, are they not the most unphotogenic things in existence? I never end up with a good picture to post.

My two new ornaments for this year:

After the hassle of cleaning, vaccuming, putting up the tree, then vacuuming again to get all the plastic pine needles off the floor... I needed some lunch! Matt and I decided to run to Burger King as I'd been wanting to try their new 'Big King', a clone of McDonald's Big Mac. We got our food and set down to eat, and I couldn't help but notice the big wall art they had up behind us...

Is that not the most bizarre picture?? I mean, really look at it. They've got like 6 chicken wraps. Everything is laid out on fancy plates, huge platters of fries, their drinks are in fancy glasses, they've got fancy dishes full of ketchup and dipping sauces for the chicken... It's a nice idea, but seriously. It's Burger King food. No one does this! That's not even mentioning that the group of people is just dripping political correctness. Oh, Burger King... LOL!

And the Big King sucked. It was tiny, and lackluster. I'd much rather get a tasty Whopper when I go to Burger King, and if I'm craving a Big Mac, I'll fetch one of those McDonald's instead!

Last but not least, I figured I'd finish up this blog post with a little doodle I did a while back, whilst filling in empty spaces in my sketchbook. It came out rather well in my opinion, especially when I was using a tiny photo reference on my phone!


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