Monday, October 7, 2013

Lousy September, but Other Awesomeness!

Hello all! Update time! 

So this last month has been a bit lousy, to say the least! I spent the entire month sick and on two full rounds of antibiotics! Not fun at all! Being sick for an entire month leaves you feeling quite wiped out, so I've mostly spent the last month laying around with a serious case of the cruds, not getting anything done. 

I also spent nearly two weeks in Stillwater as well, dog sitting little Molly Monster for my parents while they've been away. She's a sweetheart, but a handful to say the least, even on normal days. When you're tired and sick... To illustrate, the first week I came down, this is what my Mum and I walked in too...

Oh, Molly.....

That poor stuffed soccer ball never even stood a chance! She's a sweet dog though, if a bit spastic! She's not even a year old yet, so once she gets a little older I'm sure she'll calm down a bit! Hopefully... If you'd like to see a picture of little Mollywog, you should check out my Mum's blog, It's Daffycat! she's usually got one up and a cute little story to go along with it! 

In the happy news category, Matt and I have upgraded our bedroom quite a bit. Since we've determined we're going to be here for quite some time, we figured it'd be nice to actually feather our nest a tiny bit- it's frustrating to exist in a home that feels a bit dreary all the time, isn't it?

First up is some lovely, and wonderfully inexpensive, new bedding! No more mismatched colors, and mismatched sizes of blankets! We've both got king sized comforters to burrito up in at night, so when I make the bed (Yes, I make the bed now! It's GLORIOUS!) I fold both comforters in half and have them meet in the middle. A little awkward, but it works, and the room looks fantastic with a neatly made bed, complete with arranged pillows and a bed skirt!

I crisply ironed, or as crisply as I could get it with no starch, this piece of fabric I've had sitting around for years and hung it up as well. It's a little catterwonky on the wall, but it adds some nice visual intrigue to break up the solid white wall behind the bed.

We ended up replacing the shower curtain that Lance got us as part of a house warming gift when we first moved in. It's a simple clear plastic liner with a fabric curtain to go in front. The new color really brightens up the room, and compliments our green rugs nicely. Plus, it's part of a set too- there's matching bits that go along with it! We've already gotten the toothbrush holder, I hope to get the trashcan soon and maybe some day replace all of our mismatched towels with six or eight of the ones from this set... Or maybe just some blue, green and white towels, I haven't decided yet!

We picked up this lovely, sturdy dresser from Goodwill as well. Kudos to Matt's brother Nathan for helping us fetch it back and get it moved in! It's just the perfect size for us and gives me lost more storage room for clothes that I'm keeping for when we drop a few pounds.... Of course, we didn't buy this dresser (For $20 too, a fantastic deal!) just for extra storage.

We really bought it for the new 55" HD TV we got for the bedroom. See, we've been carrying the little 24 incher from the computer room in and out of the bedroom when we wanted to watch it, but it was super awkward, and really too small for me to see from across the room with any sort of comfort. They had this bad boy on sale at Best Buy a while back, and it was totally worth the investment!

It's really improved our quality of life. See the little cord coming off the back and meandering up the wall? That leads to an antenna box that lets us pick up the broadcast stations! We've had it a while, but the other rooms we've had TV's in don't get clear enough reception from where it had to be placed. Now I can watch the news in the mornings and evenings, plus all the other broadcast stations like PBS. It's been really nice having access to news channels and being able to keep up with current events a little easier!

Taco's just been chilling out. She's really enjoyed the bedroom being made up almost every day, and she spends a lot of time lying on the various blankets and stuff I put on it for her, and looking out of the bedroom window.

I did have to give her a bear of her own to mash on though... It's the only way she'll leave my Eeyore alone! Well, mostly alone. I still find her mashing on him when she thinks I'm not looking. Darn cat!

Whelp, that's about all there is to say for my own recent happenings! Well, I may have another few little stories to tell and some fancy food updates here in about a week... But we'll just have to see!

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