Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Coffee Catastrophes, Catnip Bananas, Curtains, and an Axe Murderer at the Window...

Good lord! Has it really been over a month since I last posted to my blog? Time really does fly, doesn't it? Very little has been going on around here recently. Time passes, days toddle by, and life goes on I suppose!

Lets see, in recent news, about a month ago, Matt came in to wake me up for the morning. He's almost always up earlier then I am, and generally makes a glorious and much needed pot of coffee then comes to fetch me. That morning however, I was greeted with the worst words in the world to a grumpy bear who's just awoken...

"No coffee today... The coffee pot is broken..."

In all honesty, our little Mr. Coffee was around 4-5 years old by now, a Christmas gift from my parents when Matt and I moved into our first apartment years ago. My family at least has always had horrible luck with coffee pots, and even though others have told me theirs have worked for years and years with no issue, I'm surprised our little coffee pot lived as long as it did.

So the next morning (Cause I need to be prepared to do stuff in the morning when there's no coffee!) off we went to fetch us a coffee pot from Walmart! We hurried straight back to the kitchen aisles and were met with great disappointment at the serious lack of selection they had. Sure there were at least twenty different varieties, but most of them were sold out, and at least half the ones left were just color variations of the same pots! What's worse is that we had a little 5 cup pot, and wanted to get another of the same size since I'd already stocked up on filters for it!

We debated our options, and settled on another 20 dollar Mr. Coffee, a 12 cupper. Went home, made coffee, problem solved!

Until two mornings later.

The water pump in the new coffee maker went out, less then a week after we bought it. Seriously? TWO coffee pots die on us in a weeks time? How does that even happen?

Fuming, I immediately went to the internet and googled the pot, only to discover that the thing had horrible reviews! Anything from the water pump breaking, to the heater sporadically coming on and shattering the pot, to the water line breaking and flinging boiling water all over the kitchen! In fact, pretty much all of the fairly inexpensive coffee makers have terrible reviews and are prone to breaking. A lot.

So we bought a Keurig.


We'd debated getting one of these before, when they were being hyped all to bits, but seeing as we already had a coffee pot, and these are rather expensive, we never did. I gotta say though, I LOVE the thing. The coffee is delicious, the packs of fancy coffee aren't all that expensive after all, we bought a little reusable cup for is so we can continue to have lame ol' Folgers in it too... And being a one cup brewing system is really, really nice for us! Matt often wants coffee before I'm, but I want fresh coffee once I've gotten up too; it's awkward to brew partial pots in a Mr. Coffee as you have to put in slightly more water then you need so it doesn't steam out and leave you with less coffee then you wanted. Now we can just go in, pop in a packet of coffee, stick the cup under it and in a few seconds have a steaming, fresh cup of coffee! Yum!

Matt even looked up how to make things like caramel macchiatos with it. For the cost of one of those from Starbucks, I can make dozens of them at home! Woo! Here's hoping for Pumpkin Spice coffee's in the fall- I'll be enjoying so much deliciousness I won't be able to sleep!


A few months back, I finally invested in a weather radio. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a little radio device that monitors for weather alerts, like Severe Thunderstorm Watches, or Tornado Warnings, and sounds an alarm when it receives one in your area. Since Matt and I sleep with fan, and me with earplugs on top of that, we're definitely not going to hear a Tornado warning at night, and without TV we're not necessarily aware of storm watches either.

Every year, I never remember to buy one until the first big tornado outbreak, and then it's too late and everyone in the whole state is sold out! Kind of like trying to buy a jug of milk the day before a snow storm- it ain't gonna happen.

Well, not too long ago, Matt and I were enjoying a Saturday night playing games online with our friends. The weather alert had gone off a few times over the evening, warning of thunderstorm watches and then thunderstorm warnings. Neither of us thought anything of it; it wasn't thundering, no lightening that I could see out the window, nothing. 

Nothing that is until WHAM!...Something slammed into the window from outside.

Matt and I jerked around in our computer chairs, throwing off headsets and standing up in a rush. "What the hell was that?" Matt demanded. I moved towards the window wondering aloud "Did someone throw something at our window?" just when two more loud and violent somethings crashed into the window, and my brain jumped to the only conclusion it could come up with in a split second: Someone or something was trying to break through the window!


"Someone's trying to break in!" I yelped, backing away from the window, just when- All. Hell. Broke. Loose. Hail, like I'd never experienced before (At least not in our apartment in the city) began PELTING the complex. I nearly tripped over Taco, who is normally calm during storms, as she vaulted out of her cat bed, dashed around the corner and shot under the bed to hide. I could hardly blame her as Matt and I both skittered out of the room and away from the windows as well.

I was terrified the hail was going to break our windows in, and it was hailing so loudly I didn't know if we'd even hear the glass break if it did! After two or three minutes, the hail calmed down, and then a few minutes later the rain stopped completely. As soon as the rain stopped, I grabbed a flashlight and my hoodie and ventured outside to check to see that the windows were intact on my car, which thankfully they were.

I hope that sudden and startling storm is not telling for how the rest of the tornado season is going to be!


Beyond those two little stories, nothing much else has happened. I've been trying to see if there's some way at all to put up curtains on our other windows. The bedroom has a place for a tension rod and it worked out wonderfully!

See a few years back, we really went to a store in Stillwater that was going out of business called Linens and Things. We bought two packages of really nice, and super discounted curtains. Neither of them matched, one of the sets was longer then the other, and I have no idea why we bought them anyway. I'm sure I insisted, but it was stupid to buy them! The long, brown curtains look lovely in the bedroom. The short, grey ones sat in a drawer in the dresser until today.

See, our apartment is painted with this ghastly glossy white paint. I despise white walls anyway, but the paint is designed to resist scuffs hence the gloss. The glossiness unfortunately, makes it nearly impossible to stick anything to the walls with tape or glue. Matt and I lack the tools to hang up proper hardware to install curtain rods, nor are we keen to be putting any major hardware up on the walls!

So what to do? Nails and string of course!

It's not fantastic, but it works in a pinch! Hopefully this will keep the heat down in the computer room during the summer, as the curtains are quite thick. Plus, the cat won't be letting God and country look right into the room when she decides she must look out through the blinds at night. Speaking of the cat...

She loves the curtains.

She's spent all her time since I hung the curtains up in her new 'cat-tent-sauna' lounging in the sun. I think she really likes being able to 'hide' in the curtains and lay across the table while she looks out. The curtains are a win on all accounts!

And that's just about everything of interest here. We're fairly boring people!


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