Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Puzzling Puzzles and Storage Solutions...

One of the fun things about getting a home together is finding furniture. Or rather, dealing with your awkward mismatch of fun hand-me-down furniture! Trust me, I LOVE my hand-me-downs (Most especially because a lot of them are both very nice, and were very free!) but sometimes they make things like storage awkward. We work with what we have for the most part, and I'm constantly shifting things around the house, trying to get things set up the way I want. Here's a shot of our original dining room when we first moved in...

Ugh! That's not pretty! The table was a hand me down card table I got from my parents and two or three matching folding chairs. It shook horribly when you nudged it in the slightest, which made sit down meals a precarious thing! For Christmas that year my parents were kind enough to purchase us a proper dining room table...

Much better! When we ended up getting new desks for the computer room and a new TV stand, we managed to buy them (by accident, mind you!) in nearly the same color as the table, so we're starting to get somewhere! It's a color scheme!  

But here's the problem. There are several activities we do at the table. It's where we have our fancy meals, like for guests, or when we're eating something special. It's where we game at, things like board games and Magic: The Gathering.  And it's also where I do puzzles at when I'm of a mind too... And it neeeeds storage in there. This is what I managed today-

It's not pretty, but it works! For the last two weeks, the table has been covered in Magic cards, dice bags, and boxes, whilst the actual plastic storage bin we keep ALL the Magic stuff in has been sitting on the floor in the computer room. My puzzles had been shoved in the closet just to get them out of the way, but it made it annoying to fetch them out to use. Now at least, those boxes are in the corner here for easy access, right next to where we actually use these items at!

Matt and I both want to buy some sort of shelf unit to put against this wall for storage. But what to buy? A bookshelf? A cabinet? Should we keep the game type things here, or move the extra kitchen ware I have stored in the closets into a cabinet into the dining room and put the gaming stuff in the closets? Should we try and find something now, or just wait until we have a house first? Blargh!

Homemaking is hard!


Anyway, I  had decided I wanted to gather my puzzle things in the dining room so I'd have less issues getting to them to use. Before I had to dig the big box out of the closet just to see if the puzzle I wanted was in there. If it wasn't I had to look through all the closets in the house until I came across the storage tubes and the puzzle boxes. It made it obnoxious to find the one I wanted to work, and with them out of sight..... Well, they were out of mind as well, hence the not having worked on a puzzle in a year at least.

This is "Jack and the Beanstalk" a 1000 piece puzzle by Master Pieces. This thing is a dream to work on- the cardboard used is very thick, the pieces fit together smoothly, and the printing is clear and crisp with bright colors. I love a well made puzzle! I had a bit of a snafu when I was unrolling it. I started it to far down the table, underestimating how long the roll was, and the back end of the fabric and the inflatable tube (which had half the edge pieces stuck to it) went flying off the table! Oops.


In keeping with my working towards a better running home, after my trip to Half Price books a few weeks back, I decided it was time to reorganize the bookshelves! They were a jumbled mismatch of stuff books I'd half organized when we very first got moved in, and odds and ends that had ended up stuck on the bookshelf.

This is now my 'active reading/fantasy' bookshelf. All my favorite fantasy books are on here, which of course includes all the new books I just bought the other day. The bottom two shelves are a bit of a catch all. The last shelf slat is broken so you have to be careful about how you arrange things on it, and the lowest shelf is just too far down for me to want to put books on it until I have too.

And this shelf has become a bit of a catchall... Our D&D rule books, my R.A. Salvatore collection, manga and graphic novels, Matt's Stephen King books, over-sized and cook books. It's a bit of a jumble, but it looks way nicer now then it did before! I did have to move the little box full of cat nip toys and the 'cat fishing pole' to the other bookshelf though, as I came in the room one day to find Taco attempting to scale the shelves to get it...

You know, I think I'll just get a bookshelf in the dining room. Then I'll have en excuse to get more books to fill it!


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