Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits...

A couple weeks ago I made my way down to Stillwater to visit with my parents. It was a twofold visit, both to enjoy a nice dinner with my parents for my Birthday that would be the next week, and also to meet their new pooky dog! Molly is a sweetheart, and also reminiscent of a crocodile in a border collie outfit! She took a few good nibbles out of both Matt and I, but I love her to pieces!

While we were down there, I had my dad get down a bunch of the boxes of my stuff that they'd stored away. A few years ago when Matt and I first moved into an apartment together, my parents dismantled my bedroom, and stored everything in cardboard boxes in the garage so they could  turn my old bedroom into a guest room (Full of BOOKS I might add!). Well, it was high time I went through them; even if I didn't take the stuff home with me, I could still condense the boxes, right?

And condense we did! We took about eight or ten boxes and turned it into 2-3. One of them wasn't even mine, but was an assortment of old kitchen dishes and doodads that fell to my parents last round of spring cleaning!

While we were in the garage, my dad is rooting around through things, and pulls out a mound of stackable paper organizers. You know the kind, they sit on your desk in you office, little shelves for all your papers to get sorted into? They always have them in the office section of stores, inexpensive and made of plastic.

Dad holds them out to me. "Take these too." I gave them a skeptical look; they'd been sitting in the garage a long time, and were covered in dust. "No thanks" I said "I don't know what we would do with them."

Dad offered them again. "Well, take them anyway. I'm just going to throw them out."

"But I don't know where we'd put them!" I argued.  Matt chimed in "We could find a use for them." I glowered at him. "We don't have papers to sort though!" I protested. After a round of 'find something to do with them's, they ended up getting tossed in our box of 'stuff to take home', and made the trip back to Oklahoma City with us.

After I got home and sorted all the stuff from the boxes out, the paper stackers sat on the table in the office for weeks, piled on top of the other junk that had accumulated there. Until a few days ago when I was struck by a brilliant idea!

That is one of the stackable paper sorters. Upside down. Under my monitor.

You see, I've always had a problem with space on my desk. The outriggers that hold up my computer monitor are rather large... they take up a lot of space! And the way our desks are designed, the hole for all the computer cables to go through is actually at the back of the desk top, right in the center. That means that I could only push my monitor back so far before it ran up against those cables. That meant a lot of limited space for me, especially when I happened to be eating at my computer desk, or trying to use my drawing tablet.

I was suddenly struck by the fact that if I flip one of those paper keeper thingies upside down, it's a shelf! And there are gaps along the edges of it that allow me to feed the cables through it. This gets the monitors struts up off of the cable hole, letting me push it back as far as it will go, tidies up the cables, and even give me a bit of shelf space to set my keyboard up onto when I need the space! I've never felt so brilliant! Matt even came home and did the same to his computer as well. So I suppose we did find a use for those darn things after all! Thanks dad!


So this last Friday, my friend Lance and I planned for him to stop by so we could chat about his plans on perhaps attending OU. I was very excited to get to host, and while we chatted back and forth on IM, I proposed my plan.

"Lance... Do you want to have a tea party?". And the nearly immediate answer was "YES."

And tea partied we did! I laid out a spread of sharp cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, summer sausage and salami, fuji apple and watermelon slices, Tea and crackers. It was quite delicious, and we had a merry time chatting and munching! We finished off with some sliced lemon cake for desert. Fantastic!

Will definitely be doing that again! Although next time I need to get a hat. Can't go wrong with a good tea party hat.


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