Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall is coming...

It's been a little while since my last 'life update', so I figured I ought to remedy that! So lets see.... where to start.Uhm. There's really not been much going on! 0.0;

Matt and I both purchased Tablets a while back. Asus TF300's to be precise. And we love them! They are one of the best little inventions ever.

Matt uses his all the time for work, allowing him to better keep an eye on his work emails and such, and not have to rely on the cramped little uncomfortable to use phone. For myself, I use mine in the evenings a lot after work. I like to relax on the couch and watch TV, while using the tablet to read the newspaper, play games on (I adore Sudoku and Mahjong) and browse the internet. I never thought I'd get so much use out of one, but it's really worth the investment. It's even gotten Matt to read a little bit, as he can use it to read Ebooks on, and we both have a manga reader on them as well. It was so totally worth it!

Matt and I also got a new game called Guild Wars 2. It literally just released this last weekend.

It's very similar to World of Warcraft, but there isn't a monthly fee attached. Once you've bought the game you're done with everything you have to buy. For me this works out great- the intense need I used to have to play an MMO from dawn till dusk regardless of anything else is gone. I can really only manage a couple of hours of play at a time anymore, and I get distracted from it pretty easily. I'm just too invested in my art and reading and such I guess. But with this I can hop on and off without feeling guilty over 'wasted money' and still be able to play with my friends! It's a best of both worlds situation for me, although this game lacks dwarves. :(

We had a small 'not as hot' snap a while back. I can't really call low 80's/upper 70's a 'cold snap' but the way some of my coworkers acted, you'd think it was subarctic temperatures outside! Regardless, not only was it extremely refreshing after the 112 degree days we'd been having, but it seriously kicked off my longing for Fall! 

The temperature dropping and the leaves turning is the first sign that we've finally gotten out of dreaded summer and into my favorite half of the year! Honestly, I despise summer, and I always hated the fact we had our longest break of the school year smack in the middle of it. Why would you want to take a vacation when it's hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk? Fall, winter, and the beginning of spring are the best times for me, however. Nice cool to cold weather, rain and snow, and lots of glorious clouds!

Fall and Winter also encompass my favorite holidays as well: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. All the food, family and fun! Not to mention the pumpkin spice flavored things that pop up everywhere! I always get so much Starbucks coffee and Olive Garden pumpkin cheesecake because of it! And pumpkin pie! OMG!

Seriously, what's more beautiful than that?

I can't wait for all the seasonal soups and stews the restaurants will start carrying, and the fall baking entices me just as much. I intend to do a lot of baking this season, and delicious roasted and stewed things as well.... And the decorations and music and EVERYTHING!

Okay. I should probably stop gushing about fall and winter. I seriously love it! You don't even know guys.

ANYWAY- I've been working on an art piece for a contest. "A contest?" You might say. "Weren't you doing something for an art contest a while back?" Yes, I was, but I never finished or entered it. It was an art contest for a game we were playing that we quite quickly tired of, and as the prize for it was all game related, I decided not to bother. Not this time though, this time it's for this:

That's not a toy my friends. That's a hundred dollars worth of extremely detailed, hand painted sculptural figurine, right there! And I want it. BAD. Here's a preview of the entry I'm working on. All the flat colors are done, all that's left is shading and any other details I want to add. The prompt for the contest is Just Me and My Dragon.

I really wanted to try and tell a story with this, give it a little touch of whimsy. I'm hoping that's conveyed in the image.

After looking at some of the other entries in the contest, I'd like to think I maybe have a good chance of at least placing in the contest, which would mean a ton to me. It'd be nice to get that little ego boost for my artwork, you know?


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*sigh* now if you'd just send your mom a drawing in Draw Something...