Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Awoken and the Preview...

Here's the latest art piece I finished about a week ago now...

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This one took quite a while. Turns out clouds are really, really hard to draw. Who knew? I wish I'd kept track of how long this took- I'd estimate ten or fifteen hours from sketch to finish? All done in Paint Tool SAI. I'm very pleased with it. If you want the full effect, listen to this while you look at it!

This is the theme music to raging bear-goats.

Anyway, I'm off working on a new piece, it's in the sketching phase now. I don't know that I've ever shown how my artwork starts off, especially with the new styles and mediums I'm working with. Here's the starting sketch for my new picture, which I've titled "Bounds and Leaps"

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I wanted to do something more lighthearted then the last few bigger pieces I've made. Keep in mind this is still in sketching phase- none of the sky or background lineworks are there, just most of the dragon's sketch and bits of the foregroundy stuff. Hopefully this one turns out as well!


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Daffycat said...

Your clouds are really pretty! This piece turned out well. Good work!