Monday, July 2, 2012

Living Room Upgrades, Dual-Monitors, and Artsy Stuff...

We've still been slowly working on upgrading the old and decidedly cruddy furniture in the house, for nice, new, badass furniture! A few weeks ago now, I decided to strip off the upholstery on the 'coffee table' we had gotten hand-me-down from Matt's parents (Thanks guys! :D) Wade had at some point covered it with a foam pad and brown fabric as they had wanted more of a foot stool than a table. You can see a picture of it covered in this post here.

I've always wanted to strip it off, as we'd prefer to have a proper table rather then a foot rest, but I never knew what was under the fabric! Was it in good condition? Would it need refinishing? I wouldn't balk at doing that, as I'm fairly comfortable doing projects I feel I have no expertise for after my Props and Crafts class in college, but did I want to invest the time? It was the not knowing that kept me from tackling the project so long.

Seeing as we were using it as a table however, the fabric was starting to get rather grimy, and I had no way to clean it. I decided I would go ahead and strip it, and if the table top was in too bad a condition, I could always reupholster it with a more waterproof fabric! So I flipped it over and started pulling staples!

Lots of staples...

And lo and behold, it was a really nice table underneath! It's got a decorative edge around one side, which does have two holes drilled into it... I think it may have been intended to be a faux drawer, and would have had decorative knobs on it. But other then that, a few minor scuffs, and a couple staples I didn't feel like wrestling with after the first billion, it's a really nice looking table!

We also recently purchased a new TV stand as well, replacing the very shaky and decidedly ugly Wal-mart one we'd been using that Matt got when he first went to college. Funny story, we went and bought the stand, only to find out that the furniture delivery person was on vacation! It was slightly too big to fit into my Taurus, so I called my grandfather to borrow his truck. Unfortunately it was over 90 degrees outside, and the thing isn't air-conditioned. We roasted, but the TV stand is worth it! In fact, it's probably one of the nicest pieces of furniture we have now; it went together really easily, and is super sturdy. Much better then the desks!

The TV is back mounted on it, and swivels left and right. I love that it does that, as I can now sit on the loveseat to the right on the stand and turn the TV toward me when I play games! Yes, my eyesight is that bad! Oh, and I also picked up these two pictures for my kitchen which I haven't put up yet.

Super cute!!

Last night I got a wild hair and cleaned off my desk top a bit and had Matt hook up the extra computer monitor we have to my PC. I've been considering doing this for a while- with two monitors I can have reference stuff up on the smaller screen, and my art program on the other, letting me keep both windows at maximum size! 

It actually fits and works better then I thought it would! I put on the movie Labyrinth on the TV to the right, brought up references to the left and set about drawing up a little doodle of Sir Didymus while I watched!

If you haven't seen Labyrinth, I pity your poor, deprived soul!

I think this two monitor thing will be fantastic in the long run! It's going to be so nice having a full separate screen to open references on, rather than either tabbing back and forth between pages, or trying to squeeze Chrome and Paint Tool SAI together as tiny windows.


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Daffycat said...

The table Matt's parents gave you is awesome. Isn't it great to have nice in-laws?

I'm so totally in LOVE with your little chef pictures! I long for the day you can have a "real" kitchen to decorate.