Thursday, May 17, 2012


The last few weeks have just been kind of crappy. Between the loss of my dog, having a car wreck, and my grandmother being ill, I've just been stressed all to pieces! That's not fun at all. Oh, did I not mention the car accident?

Yeah, had a wreck...

So last Wednesday I'm driving to work down Northwest Expressway. I leave for work about 4:30 in the afternoon, and usually just get in the left lane and stay there as it's very busy. Northwest is a six lane highway, with a center grassy median, and with all the people shuffling around and acting like dumbasses, it's usually safer to just stay put! 

So I'm nearly to work, when suddenly a grey SUV whips across both right lanes, directly in front of me, and slams on their brakes. She was clearly trying to get into the turn lane in the median to make a u-turn, (She told the officer as much), but by the time she made it over, she was already abreast of the other cars in the turn lane, had already slammed on her breaks, and had no where to go. Idiot. And why was it so hard to make it into the turn lane for her?

Because that red marker is where she got onto the highway and that green one is where she was trying go. That's 600 feet. Across 3 lanes. During rush-hour traffic. At 45 miles an hour. She had like, a minute to get over there. Does this seem like a good plan to you..? I didn't think so.

And the police officers, when they finally showed up, pretty much just laughed at us and said they'd let the insurance companies "hash it out". In other words, by not declaring her at fault (Which it clearly was, the only way to get to where she was is to blow across 3 lanes of traffic in rush hour. That's reckless driving at the least.) and not giving her a ticket, my own insurance company gets to pay for my car. 

And the best part? She was a little 17 year old girl. And one of those prissy prep girls by all appearances as well, the kind I can't stand. It infuriates me that this little brat can't swoop in, and in under a minute, cause me all this annoyance and suffering, and gets away with it. Little bitch!
So yeah, I've been rather annoyed. And then, on Mother's Day no less, my grandmother comes down extemely ill. Out of respect, I won't go into details, but it was pretty bad. I received word this morning that she's better now, so at least there's that relief!


So, now that all this is out there and done with, lets talk about some happy things! Like Cats!

Taco is a big help with the laundry!

Last week I got a wild hair and dug out my scene painting projects from college. They've been hanging around in the trunk of my car since then, and the last few months in the closet. I decided it was time to get the suckers out and put them up. Plus, we need decoration bad!

None too shabby I think!

And last but not least, books! I'm still doing a lot of reading, as curling up with a book and a mug of bavarian wildberry tea is great for de-stressing. Still reading on Green Rider by Kristen Britain, but it's not really grabbing my interest. the writing is... Quaint? Good, but not brilliant. Started on The Nightmare Garden by Caitlin Kittredge (The second book of that Iron Thorn series) in the meantime. It is way better then the first, and I'm glad I continued on in the series.

Also snagged Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card and Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor from the library. After the stress of the last two months, I'm really enjoying these quick reading YAs! It's great to sit down and read for a bit, and really make real headway in a book. It makes you feel... accomplished? And it's nice to be able to quickly read a story, no fuss, or days and days spent on one book!



kazzhang said...

Oh jeez, seriously?? Here I was thinking learners usually stay to puttering around at one mile per hour. Gaaff. That girl deserves a stinking ticket. I feel your angst *nod, nod*

Daffycat said...

Well, the entire past year has been pretty crappy, all in all. I'm just about fed up with life in general!

I love the scene design paintings and I'm glad you hung them up. We should build a frame and stretch "Puss" at least.

It's funny how sunbeams make cats fall over, isn't it?