Thursday, May 24, 2012


I wasn't going to make a post until after I'd recovered from this... grossness. But I can't stand laying around right now, so I figured sitting at the computer for a few minutes wouldn't be too very hard! So about 2 weeks ago now, Matt came down with a respiratory infection. He usually doesn't get sick, so it was kind of a surprise. Of course, I get sick really easily it seems. This last Sunday while I was at work, I noticed my throat was kinda scratchy feeling... Uh-oh.

Of course that Monday, I wake up and I'm sick. I tried to go into work, but left after about an hour- it was obvious I was very sick, and I didn't want to get anyone else sick either. And I've been home since then. No fever this time, but I feel just disgusting. Runny, stoppy nose, throat constantly on fire, no balance from clogged up ears, can't hardly breathe, coughing stuff up- the whole shebang! For some reason, I can't just get 'meh' sick- no simple colds for me! Whenever I get sick, it's like I get the plague or something, and I'm laid up for days.

The stress of the last few months hasn't really been helping my immune system I guess..? I've spent the last few days as a groaning, coughing heap of blankets and disgusting on the couch in the living room... Which I'll be returning too after I post this, finish my soup, and have a nice warm shower!

Anyway, since my last post I finished up The Nightmare Garden by Caitlin Kittredge. It was very enjoyable, and way better then the first. I'm really glad I stuck with the series after the train wreck of the first book. It was essentially all the awesomeness of the last 100 pages of the first book, without the 400 pages of crap before it. I hate to sound spiteful about The Iron Thorn, but it was pretty bad. I'm hoping the third book, when it's released (Next year, from what I've read. Boo.) continues in the awesome vane, and stays away from the bad!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor was also good. I really enjoyed the unique take on 'angels' and 'demons', especially how the author managed to keep it away from pretty much any religious bias, which I despise. Overall, I really enjoyed the interesting characters, and twisting, mystery filled story, though I was less then impressed with the writing style. I found myself skimming along more then actually reading every word, something I usually don't do- I usually quit reading a book if I'm skimming, rather then waste my time with something I clearly don't like. But the story was excellent, and I'm interested in finding out what happens in the next, when it's released later this year. Good enough to keep reading, wouldn't buy it though!

The copy of Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor that I had on reserve came in, which I snagged last time I was at work, so that will be next, followed by Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card.

Oh, and my car is finally at the shop. I had a voice mail this morning that they'd been waiting on a few parts, which came in this today. Once those are installed, it'll be off to the paint shop. So good news on that front.

Allrighty, off for a nice shower, more jammy clothes, then back into my heap of blankets...


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Daffycat said...

Poor, poor dear. Eat lots and lots of soup! DO NOT get an ear infection!