Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GUND Winner Wednesday... Cosmo!

So I don't know if I've mentioned it on here before or not, but I love plush toys. Like, a lot. I have a lot of them, and I consider myself a bit of a collector. Unfortunately, I've always been a bit iffy on buying them online, and as I'm rather picky about brands, stitching and styles, it makes it very hard to find quality plush! There used to be a store here that catered to high quality plush (Even imported Jellycat brand stuff from England) but they went out some years ago, and I haven't found a replacement store yet.

Enter, GUND....
They're pretty serious about that huggable part too!

I've always loved this brand of plush, and have had my eye on several of the ones from their online store for quite a while. I started following them on Facebook a while back, and they started running a sweepstakes on Wednesdays that I've entered off and on over the past few weeks. Last week, it was for one of three stuffed cats, one of which was new to the store. I idly entered thinking nothing of it.

'TILL I WON!!!!!!!!

I got an email later that day saying that I'd been drawn to win! Excited squees probably startled people in a half mile radius around our apartment! I've never won anything before, unless you count the guinea pig show art contest I won when I was like, eleven, but seeing as I was the only entrant.... I don't think it qualifies!

Anyway- today I was in the middle of cooking when a package showed up! I excitedly opened it- hoping against hope it was the new orange cat they'd sent. I liked the other two, but little Cosmo as he's named is just the bees knees!

And, lo and behold!

He is the sweetest little cat plushie I've seen in quite a while. He's beautifully constructed too, and the fur used hides all the seams completely. Absolutely adorable from the front, but it's the side view that sells it for me. The slope of his back, tucking into his little rounded frame is perfection- it's just the same pose I've seen dozens of cats make! It's almost a shame that there isn't a side view picture of him on their website!

I would highly recommend this plush, and really, any of GUND's plushies. All of them that I've been able to handle have been top notch, using the best fur and fabrics, and really stand out construction.

A huge thank you to GUND for the contest! And if you'd like to buy a Cosmo of your own (And you totally should!) you can follow this link here- Cosmo!

Thanks for reading!


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Daffycat said...

Seriously, he is TOO CUTE!!! Congratulations on your awesome win!