Friday, March 23, 2012

Butterfly in the Sky...

So I'm sitting here watching Reading Rainbow while I type this. Yes, you read that right!

Take a look, it's in a book!

For those of you who don't know, Reading Rainbow was a children's show that ran from from 1983 to 2006. It was hosted by LeVar Burton, and it featured at least one full story book that was read (Complete with the illustrations that had been animated!) other related interesting information, and book recommendations by young kids. The series was fantastic and really encouraged children to read. It's always been one of my favorites, and I've desperately been trying to get my hands on it for years. Matt got it for me last night! So excited!

So yeah, it's been a pretty fantastic past couple of days! It's been pouring rain all week, my favorite type of weather. I love dreary cloudy days! On Monday, the package I'd been waiting on came in.

Meet Duffy the dog and Rafferty the bear. I ordered them from the GUND website a few days after winning Cosmo, the cat in the center. I'd highly recommend all of these, and any, GUND plushies. They're all very high quality and all of them have a lot of character!

On top of the rain, plushies, and fantastic TV shows, I completed a puzzle too! Just a little 500 piece bear puzzle. But I had a ton of fun doing it. I think I like the smaller puzzles better then the larger ones. They're quick to do, so you get to do more of them. Maybe I'm just a puzzle wuss?

I was rushing to finish it Wednesday afternoon before work; I worked on it until the last possible second and-

So close and yet so far! I was grumpy the whole drive to work (It takes about 15-20 minutes), as I was nearly done! Between going to the store after work, cleaning the kitchen and cooking dinner, I didn't get the time to finish it up either.

But Thursday morning I spent my time putting in the last few pieces, digging around through the closet for mod podge (I gave up and eventually went and bought some) and getting it glued. Going to go hang it in the living room with the rest of puzzles in a bit! It turned out so pretty!

Well, despite the terrible photo!

I also finished up Brandon Sanderson's The Well of Ascension last night- stayed up till 3:30 in the morning doing so. Totally worth it though, the book was fantastic. It's the second of his 'Mistborn' series, and I'll be tearing into the third later today. He's by far my favorite author of all time- he blew all the others I fancy out of the water!

So anyway, here's hoping this streak of fantastic-ness continues!


PS- And here's a picture of my cat! :3

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GUND Winner Wednesday... Cosmo!

So I don't know if I've mentioned it on here before or not, but I love plush toys. Like, a lot. I have a lot of them, and I consider myself a bit of a collector. Unfortunately, I've always been a bit iffy on buying them online, and as I'm rather picky about brands, stitching and styles, it makes it very hard to find quality plush! There used to be a store here that catered to high quality plush (Even imported Jellycat brand stuff from England) but they went out some years ago, and I haven't found a replacement store yet.

Enter, GUND....
They're pretty serious about that huggable part too!

I've always loved this brand of plush, and have had my eye on several of the ones from their online store for quite a while. I started following them on Facebook a while back, and they started running a sweepstakes on Wednesdays that I've entered off and on over the past few weeks. Last week, it was for one of three stuffed cats, one of which was new to the store. I idly entered thinking nothing of it.

'TILL I WON!!!!!!!!

I got an email later that day saying that I'd been drawn to win! Excited squees probably startled people in a half mile radius around our apartment! I've never won anything before, unless you count the guinea pig show art contest I won when I was like, eleven, but seeing as I was the only entrant.... I don't think it qualifies!

Anyway- today I was in the middle of cooking when a package showed up! I excitedly opened it- hoping against hope it was the new orange cat they'd sent. I liked the other two, but little Cosmo as he's named is just the bees knees!

And, lo and behold!

He is the sweetest little cat plushie I've seen in quite a while. He's beautifully constructed too, and the fur used hides all the seams completely. Absolutely adorable from the front, but it's the side view that sells it for me. The slope of his back, tucking into his little rounded frame is perfection- it's just the same pose I've seen dozens of cats make! It's almost a shame that there isn't a side view picture of him on their website!

I would highly recommend this plush, and really, any of GUND's plushies. All of them that I've been able to handle have been top notch, using the best fur and fabrics, and really stand out construction.

A huge thank you to GUND for the contest! And if you'd like to buy a Cosmo of your own (And you totally should!) you can follow this link here- Cosmo!

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's been a time of changes here! (And a long time since I last posted!) 

Matt and I recently invested in some new desks, which we quite desperately needed. His was his old college desk he got when he first went to OSU-a rickety thing, with black desktops that were damaged and nasty looking. It came from Walmart and shook like a leaf if you nudged it, making it very annoying to sit at and use! 

Behold! Aren't they sad looking...

Mine was just... old. It was my parents first computer desk, which I subsequently inherited when they got a new one. It was big, and had a hutch, but so poorly designed that you couldn't use half the desk top! The plasticky fake wood grain stuff that was glued to it was coming off in patches, leaving a tacky particle board surface underneath, and the front facing had been ripped off the front in the move, leaving a sharp grainy edge all along the front. 

Needless to say, they sucked!

While browsing through Office Depot a few weeks ago, we spotted a lovely desk and hutch, both pieces on sale for a hundred each! Seeing as both pieces were usually twice that, and we fell in love the spacious design, we snapped them up immediately!

Our computer room layout is now changed, with both the desks resting against the longest wall, side by side. We used one of the shelves that was supposed to go in the computer tower cubby (Our towers were too tall, so we couldn't put them in- no big loss really!) and lay it across the middle to put the laptop and third monitor on for our 'tv'. They worked out perfectly! Couldn't be happier with the purchase, though they were hell to put together! While we've still got some clutter in them, the hitch space is beautifully laid out for me- I have all my drawing books and a few of my favored and artistically inspiring comics sitting right above my head! It's just... perfect!

If anyone's wondering about the painted black, brown, and white box, that was a project I made in college for one of my scenics classes. We had to make a wooden box of a specific size that was capable to being stood on from all sides, easily picked up, and able to be tossed across the floor with no damage. I hand designed and cut the stencils for the lettering, and the other 3 sides have a griffon, bear, and a dragon on them.

In other news, Matt and I are now both on the Atkins diet for the last week. We've decided it was about time we lost some weight and got our health back in hand. it's been going well so far, and my constant (And I mean CONSTANT) hunger has subsided. For Matt the struggle is with deserts. He's always craving something sweet, be it cookies, ice cream, cakes.... Thankfully I have never been subject to craving sweets. I just don't like them that much, I guess? Like I'll eat them, but I don't usually go out of my way for them except in special occasions (Pumpkin pie, anyone??).  For me, he biggest struggle is-


That's right. It's not the fact that I can't have sugary drinks, or ice cream, or that I have to eat salads and eggs on a daily basis. It's the fact that I can't have SOUP! I live on soup, live on it! It's absolutely my favorite food type, and I usually eat it on a daily basis. Any kind of soup, veggie soup, beefy soup, chicken, noodle, chili, stews.... Ooooooh, I crave the stuff. It's just so wholesome and good, cooked all in one pot, warm and snuggly. If I could eat only soups for the rest of my life, I'd die happy. Unfortunately, I'd also die fat for how much of it I eat!

You'd be surprised how many carbs are in all the most popular soup veggies. It seems so healthy, and in moderation soup is one of the healthiest things you can eat! But when your ravenously hungry like I was.... Eating too much of a healthy is much the same as eating unhealthy things- they have the same effect. My two bowls of soup at a time are just as bad as Matt's bowl of ice cream. 

I've actually got a pot of stew on the stove now though, lots of beef, some mushrooms, one stalk of celery, and but a smidgen of onion and 3 baby carrots. Seeing as I'm just not hungry enough to bother eating until late in the day anyway, I'll leave it simmer a long time. With luck it'll be what I need to stave off my soup cravings, while still being low enough in carbs!

Anyway, it's a gorgeous day today- cold, cloudy and rainy which is just the way I like it! Rain, a pot of stew.... what more could a bear-goat ask for? I'll leave you with a shot of Taco, sitting in her bed gazing out the window. She's enjoying the recent comings of Spring as much as I am!