Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Apartment Upgrades, and Another Dragony Update...

Yesterday was quite fun! Matt's tax returns came in, and while the majority of it will be going towards credit cards, we decided to use a bit of it to get a few of the things we needed! SO yesterday Matt and I went out for a day on the town.

First up was JC Pennies in the mall- A couple weeks ago I bought us some rugs for bathroom and an ice tea maker for the kitchen. Since we're not drinking soda anymore, we tend to go through tea quite fast... The tea maker is very convenient, and it comes with a 3 quart pitcher!

The pitcher is very sturdy, and the tea it makes is quite delicious! I'd really recommend it. We were hoping to come across a second pitcher to buy at Pennies, but I guess we'll have to buy one online! No one seems to carry them.

After that we headed over to Barnes and Noble, and I finally bought the discount section soup cook book I've been resisting for two months now. It has loads of really tasty looking recipes, and every single soup has a nice simple photograph showing off what it looks like. Perfect!

After a nice lunch of Sushi ( two salmon rolls and a avacado roll for me! Yum!) we headed over to Best Buy. Both of our keyboards have been sticking badly, and my mouse has been on the fritz. It likes to skip across the screen a random. Since I'm no longer playing WoW, I hardly need a complex gaming mouse, and I was wanting to find a nice, small, wireless keyboard that would be easy bto move out of the way if I wanted to draw at my desk.

We had found a keyboard that I liked but it was too big honestly. I really didn't want all the extra buttons or anything, and almost all of the keyboards had those giant wrist-rest thingies. But we ended up going to the other Best Buy then we usually do and they had this!

It's TINY! And wireless! And perfect! My only complaint with it so far is that because it is so tiny, the arrow keys have been shifted over and moved under the shift key on the right hand side. It's not really a problem, but my hand likes to slide over to get to them where it thinks they're going to be. I should get used to it in no time though.

Last but not least we went to Walmart in Edmond. The Walmart right near our house is absolutely terrible, so we often try to go to the Edmond one when we need anything other then groceries (I go to the Neighborhood Market for that, it's less crowded). We got ourselves a bronze canister to keep the sugar in. We had a pair of canisters for the flour and sugar when we lived in Stillwater, but one of them took a dive off the top of the fridge and cracked. We just tossed both and have been suing the sugar out of the bag for the last 4 months. No more!

And here's a shot of our master bathroom with the rugs and new over-the-toilet stand we bought yesterday! This really frees up space in there, getting a lot of stuff off the counter (Making room for the water pic I bought for Matt a while back) and giving us a place to keep the bath towels in the bathroom! It's really nice to have more storage in there, and the freed up space in the hall closet from moving the towels gives me more room to keep some of the lesser used kitchen things in. Woot!

And last but not least, here's a work in progress shot of the drawing I've been working on!

Yay Dragon!


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Daffycat said...

Nice tea machine! Why not make your tea in the pitcher and transfer it into a regular pitcher and make a second one in the first? Good job on giving up the soda! Tea has really good for you chemicals and you can control the sugar content.

I like the new rack for the bathroom. Now you need a brown permanant marker and color in the worn edges on the cabinet ~ makes them not as noticeable. The bath looks really nice.

My tiny laptop keyboard has the arrow keys there under the shift. I'm forever tapping one and end up typing in weird places!

Look for a letter from mom in your mailbox tomorrow =)