Friday, February 3, 2012

Afraid of the Dark....

Last night was a bad night. Matt and I were up late watching Doctor Who. And I mean reeaaaaalllly late. Like 3:30 late. Unfortunately the episodes we watched were kind of creepy. Creepy for me is bad!

So I couldn't sleep. This happens every time I watch anything even remotely scary. One would think that since I know this, I would avoid watching anything scary. Unfortunately they would be wrong! I love creepy things, and especially documentaries like "A Haunting" or "Ghost Hunters". I will sit there in front of the television, scared out of my mind, glancing around the room horrified, but completely unable to turn it off. It's just so darn interesting!

This usually leads to a serious lack of sleep. Sometimes I can stay in bed, though it will take me hours to finally fall asleep. And of course I'm completely burrowed into my blanket; all except for my nose poking out for air. Why I think this would protect me from monsters is beyond me....

But it's the required 'afraid of the dark' sleeping position! Of course, your body knows this and for some reason responds by raising your temperature about 40 degrees so your as uncomfortable as possible! This leads to nights like last night, asleep on the couch with the TV on for light protection.

It's really not monsters that scare me per se. Vampires don't bother me, zombies are mostly 'meh', and I actually like werewolves. But ghosts, demons and spirits are another story entirely. I think it's because they aren't physical entities that frightens me so much. I could deck a monster in the face- that doesn't work as well with a ghost! The idea that something could be in the room that I can't necessarily see is highly disturbing to me. I'll lay there and think about it, ending up replaying the creepy images in my head over and over again. Eventually I end up getting up and dozing on the couch with the lights and TV on. It's my only defense.

Cause monster's can't stand late night Netflix.


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