Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Saga of the Star Trek Cups...

Behold! The Flying, Fire Breathing Bear-Goat!

I turn into this when I get woken up early from a nap. True Story.

About a week ago, I was doing the dishes... Well, that's too late in the story to start. You see, I have these cups I like. Love, really. They're the perfect size, the perfect shape, and best of all- They're Star Trek cups!

Burger King released these back in 2009 when the new Star Trek movie came out. They were a set of four different cups, one each of Kirk, Spock, Nero and Uhura. I was super, duper excited, and desperately wanted them. Matt and I were super poor college kids then however, and when we finally had  a little extra money to afford some lunch and two of the cups, all they had left were the Captain Kirk ones. I'd really wanted a Spock, but I settled for two Kirks, and off we went.

In any case, they quickly became my favored cups, the only ones I will use really. They hold the perfect amount of drink for me, and I love them to pieces. Which brings me back to a week or so ago.

I was doing the dishes, merrily (Or as merry as one doing dishes can be) taking mugs and plates and setting them into the cabinet above the dishwasher. This doesn't really require much thought, as the dishwasher sits right underneath the cabinet where all of that goes. As I pulled out one of our plastic cups and moved to place it up into the cabinet, I heard a loud crash!

For a few seconds I just stood there in shock. I knew something had broken, and that it was glass- mostly because it had shattered across my bare foot. I knew in the back of my mind what it was; deep in my soul I felt the death throws of one of my beloved Star Trek Cups. But I had work to do.

I carefully extricated myself from the shattered glass which was all over the kitchen floor. Working quickly before my super sad panda mode activated, I snatched up the cat and stowed her in the bedroom so she wouldn't get her curious paws in all that glass! After that I came out to survey the damage. My poor cup was mostly shattered- I picked up the large chunks and tossed them in the trash after wrapping them in several Walmart sacks, then vacuumed up what was left. ( I need to buy a broom and dustpan for such events; our previous apartment had carpet in every room so we never needed one!) After cleaning up the mess, I retreated into the bedroom to mourn.

Super Sad Panda Mode in full swing, I texted Matt and very long, whiny, upset text about how I'd broken one of my favorite cups, and I only had one left now, and woe is me, woe is me. I honestly thought I was going to cry... It really does suck when you break something you really, really like!

A few minutes later I got a text from Matt- he had bought me not one, but TWO whole sets from a vendor on Amazon! Squee! I'd been waiting for them excitedly for days, and they finally came on Monday!

Now I have two of Nero, Uhura, and Spock, and 3 of Kirk! Woot! Matt was pleased, remarking on how he can use the Star Trek cups now too. All in all it worked out all right! Besides living through the mental anguish of the shattering of my Star Trek Cup that is....



Bronny said...

Awww - he's a keeper.
How so very kind of him to use God's gift of a brain and THINK about what would make you feel better - and then go one step better and arrange delivery of same....

And This Little Pig said...

You made me not only smile, but laugh, thank you. I can understand the need to process a Spock!
LiBBiE in Oz