Monday, January 9, 2012

New Furniture!

It's been a few days since my last post, but nothing much has been going on. I'm enjoying my new job, although it's been a little less than stimulating. It's been slow because of winter (Apparently, library use always slows down in winter) so my designated sections to shelve are often finished long before my exceedingly short shift is finished. This is somewhat frustrating as it leaves me with little to do unless another section for someone who won't be there the next day is backed up. It wouldn't be nice to leave them with no work, but since I can't just go home... Meep! With luck this mild winter will merge quickly into spring, and things will pick up!

Last Friday I had to go back down to Stillwater to get another check-up at the eye doctors. Everything was good, and the eye drops they had given me to try had successfully lowered the pressure in my eyes, although he'd like it to come down just a little bit more. He gave me a prescription for the medicine, and I'll be going back in three months time for another checkup!

After the appointment, mum and I went out to eat at Chile's (She had a gift card from Christmas) and both ordered steak fajitas! They were tasty! Neither of us would have gone to Chile's without a gift card... Every time I've been in the last year the service just gets worse and worse. This is the first time in months I've received a meal that's been the proper temperature or hasn't had something drastically wrong with it!

After eating, Mom and I then went over to Hobby Lobby where I found this:

It's PERFECT, is it not??? I love little cute chefs, and want to do my kitchen up with them, and decorative vegetable paintings! Really, I could totally decorate the entire house in decorative food and vegetable paintings, but that may be pushing it a bit... I also picked up the bear rug I used to have in my bedroom to use in our kitchen; it's been sitting in their garage in a box along with all the rest of my things.

Also on our New Years Day celebration Mom and Dad fetched me down my old night stand as well. We had been using one of those plastic chest of drawers thingies, which worked fine, but only one of us had bedside storage, and it was me since I have glasses and earplugs to keep next to the bed. The nightstand only fit on my side, and since the plastic one is considerably thinner, we moved it to Matt's side as it fits between the bed and the door there.

And this last Saturday, Matt's Mom and Stepfather brought us some goodies!! I assume they've gotten some nice new furniture, so we get some awesome hand me downs! Woot! They brought us a couch which is considerably nicer and much less... erm, destroyed then our old one was! We also got a footrest-tabley thing, and a nightstand that matches the large chest of drawers we have in bedroom. We can't fit two night stands in there since the space is so confined, so we ended up setting it next to the couch. It's excellent for storage and works as a great side table! And now I have a nice place to set the small lamp I had just kinda hanging out in the bedroom unused.

Our living room looks much, much homier now! I absolutely love how our apartment is slowly becoming a wonderful, if mismatched, home! The nicer furniture really does make it feel better! I can't wait for the day when we have a full house!

I have also reached a conclusion as to what I want to do with the patio... I'm going to slowly make a container garden! For vegetables!!! I know, I know. It's outdoorsy- and I hate outdoorsy. But vegetable gardening is the only type of outdoorsy activity I have ever been driven to do. I think because my Grammy and Pawpaw always had vegetables growing. I used to love getting cucumbers form their garden to eat. Not only did they taste super fresh and much better then any cucumber I'd ever eaten that was store bought, there was something so satisfying to go out and pick the thing I was eating right off the vine.

I figure I'll  start very small with just some cucumbers, tomatoes, and some herbs. Fairly easy to grow, with big yields. I may also try carrots, cause I just really, really fancy growing carrots. In any case, even if I end up admitting defeat as a vegetable grower in a few years, I'll just use the containers for regular plants. I intend to do something with that patio, gosh darn it! 

I'm so excited by the idea I want to get started now, but I have to remind myself that it's technically still winter despite the extremely nice weather we've been having. After having been in the 60's and 70's for the last two weeks, I suppose I'll have to give up on snow for this season! Aw well!



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Oooo, awesome new couch! Did they take the old one away too? Now that's service!!!

Your kitchen tools look right at home. The fat chefs are just too cute.

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I LOVE your NEW blog header!!! It is completely AWESOME!