Monday, January 2, 2012

Books! 0.o;;;

Happy New Years!

Yesterday we had a little family get together! Nothing too fancy, Matt and I went over to my grandparents house; mom and dad came down, and my aunt, uncle, and cousin (And her hubby) were there. We had black eyed peas, ham, cornbread and some scalloped potatoes. My Dad baked a chocolate cake they brought down with them. It was a fun time and delicious too!

Before Mom and Dad headed down to the city to meet us, I asked them to bring my Mistborn books series I'd loaned mom to read a month or two ago. I hadn't read them yet, and I wanted to get to them soonish! I also asked if she could bring me any other books I'd left there or hadn't read yet. She happily agreed! Excited, I packed up the books I was trading to her, and we were off to my grandparents house...

You see, THIS is what I was expecting:

Yeah, something like this. Just a couple. The Mistborn, the Dragon Riders of Pern stuff, and maybe that Dragon Nimbus series.. Not too bad!

But THIS is what I got!


Now, don't get me wrong! I'm certainly not complaining about books! I love books! And I'm pleased to have all these back (Although now it'll be much harder to justify buying more books to Matt...). The problem is, THIS is the state of my bookshelf:

Pretty much full up, besides the shelf at the bottom for oversized books. Honestly, I kind of despise oversized books... they just don't fit well on shelves! I'm really at somewhat of a loss on this. I just don't really have any room for them. Sure, I can pile them all up in front of each other on the shelf. It just does not look tidy at all, and makes it hard to browse your book collection!

I'll have to get myself another bookshelf at some point. I've no real idea where I'm going to put it, but it must be done. Matt's hinted around at maybe selling some of them back to a used bookstore, or some such...  But I loves them all! I suppose for now I shall heap them onto the shelf and deal with the overcrowded-ness of them all!

In other news, Since Matt and I are now both working evenings, we've been tending to stay up quite late at night, and then sleep in during the morning. At least that's the idea. You see the blinds we have in the house don't keep out enough light at all- the latest I've managed to sleep in has been 9:30-10:00, and that's with actively trying to go back to sleep when I awaken. it's just so bright in there during the day! And there's also the problem of my cat, who likes to climb into the blinds while we're asleep, and since I sleep with no shirt on.... Needless to say, I don't want to awaken with the blinds half open and my blanket thrown back!

So last night Matt and I bought a blackout curtain and a tension curtain rod, and put that up. It's just a dark blue curtain (Really cheap actually) and I dared doubt it's effectiveness. This morning when Matt came in to wake me up, I groggily wondered what time it was. Judging from the light in the room, it seemed to be maybe sixish? You know, that gentle, super low bluish light you start to get just before sunrise? Nope, it was nearly ten thirty! Blackout curtain worked wonders! Woo!

That's all for now, my peeps!


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Daffycat said...

Yay for sleeping in! Even when I stayed up til midnight to see the new year in I STILL woke up at 7am =(

We had fun yesterday! But blackeyed peas are still nasty. I had two servings...did you see I went back for seconds? I'd better have good luck this year!