Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Artsy Preview and a New Blanket!

I'm really digging this new Bamboo Tablet! It was totally worth the cost! For anyone who's looking for an inexpensive tablet that's very sensitive, I would highly suggest the Bamboo Create. I would not go any smaller on the active area then that, or you will likely end up frustrated trying to draw and color in such a tiny space!

Here's a little preview of what I've been working on the last few days...

Shading takes forever, but it's turning out nicely! I really should be working on coloring that contest piece if I hope to turn it in before the February second deadline, but this dragon is so much more fun!

A little more then a week ago, I got a frantic text from Matt and 10:00 PM, asking me to go to Walmart and buy a water pick, and some emergency dental cement. His wisdom tooth, which has had quite a cavity in it for some time, but wasn't yet hurting, up and decided to break apart. He got it extracted yesterday, so the situation is all taken care of! It's hardly even hurting right now, he says!

While I was at Walmart, I went and browsed through the bedding. See, Matt and I sleep in what is apparently an unconventional way. We don't use sheets at all, besides a fitted sheet to cover the mattress. And we each have a separate comforter! Why do we do this? Because this is roughly how we sleep:

We call it 'Burrito-ing'. We roll ourselves up in our comforters like little burritos for maximum warms! I have found I tend to sleep better in this fashion anyway then with traditional sheets and a tucked in comforter- I can move the blanket around however I want, and even throw it off of me if I get hot without having to worry about tucking all those sheets and blankets! Much less hassle when I want to make the bed, I can just re-spread the comforters!

The problem is that I've been using an old twin sized blanket for forever. All the stuffing in it has started to clump and it was made with a weirdly thin fabric so wherever there wasn't stuffing the air would come straight through!

There's an older shot of it, but the stripey blanket was mine. On top of being chilly in general, being a twin blanket, whenever I rolled over I would have to readjust where it was laying so it would continue to cover me. All in all, it was very annoying to sleep with. 

So while I was at Walmart, I bought a new one! It's an inexpensive comforter, but I bought a KING sized one! I've always wanted a king sized blanket. Having all that extra burrito-ing room in there is fantastic. Really, if I could build a big nest of blankets and pillows in a basket and burrow in it, I totally would. I'd have bought Matt a new comforter as well, but he insists he loves his too much.

But the new comforter came with some weird side effects. Taco decided she loved my new comforter with all her heart, sleeping only there, all day, for about a week. She would not leave the blanket when we got up for the day and stayed there for hours! She even slept with me under the covers for about two hours this early morning.

The weirdest part though started the first night I had it. Matt and I were laying in bed with Taco, having our before sleeps chat, when suddenly Taco viciously and unexpectedly sank her claws into my side through the comforter. She attacked me for several more seconds before I deposited her, gently, on the floor. What the heck cat?

The next night, the same thing happened, and I sat up in bed, in the dark, to try and see just what she thought she was doing. I ran my hand over the blanket to see if maybe there was something weird on the comforter she was getting after, and a curious thing happened. There was a flash of light! I glanced up at the window to see if maybe a reflection or something had come through, but the blinds were firmly closed and the curtain drawn. I ran my hand over it again, several times in different locations, and the same thing happened. Flash!

My new comforter is unbelievably static-ey! It literally sparks when you run your hand over it, but you can only see it in the dark. That's what Taco was getting after- she must have seen some sparks, pounced them, and her movement just caused more. And it hasn't gone away yet either, it's still filled with static electricity. So weird!

At least I'm not waking up like this...


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Daffycat said...

I hope Matt's feeling much better now!

Your dragon looks awesome! That new tablet must be fun to play with, great birthday pressie!