Friday, December 30, 2011

First Day of Work and Other Goings On....

Just thought I'd start off with the blue jay speed painting I did earlier today in around an hour. I was wanting to play with some of the other tools on Paint Tool SAI, and I like blue jays. LOL. Besides, best to start off with something pretty as there's a giant slew of text next up!


Anyhoo, yesterday was my first day of work. It started terribly, and ended pretty good!

Why did it start terribly? Let me explain something. I don't like driving to unfamiliar locations. I also don't like driving in unfamiliar areas. It was a bit of a double whammy yesterday, as I had to drive myself down to the Downtown Oklahoma City Library, where the HR department for the Metro Library Services is. In case you haven't bee to downtown OKC, it is GOD. AWFUL.

First off, downtown is all fairly small and congested streets, with parallel parking down both sides of the streets. So it's a bit tight to begin with. On top of this are the one way streets, which alternate on which direction some of them are going, making navigation even more tricky. And what's worse, is the construction! It's everywhere! It's like, they can't manage to get one project done, so they start a two more!

I thought Matt would be able to drive me there, but he couldn't manage to get off for it, so I was on my own. I left an hour and a half early so I'd have PLENTY of time, and even then... we looked up a parking lot I could pay to stay in, as those and parking garages are your only bet. I sued my phone to navigate me there, which worked great until I couldn't find the lot. In heavy traffic, trying to dodge parallely parked cars with people furious I'm driving slowly cause I have no idea where I'm at, I pull into what I think is the parking lot. Turns out it's a tiny hole-in-the-wall Arvest Bank location, with a private parking lot attached that doesn't even belong to them??? AND I'm going the wrong way down it, even though there isn't another entrance to even get into it???  You can understand my confusion.

By the time I found a spot to park and frantically text Matt while freaking out, my hands were shaking so badly from terror I could hardly type. I decided to tell my phone to navigate me to the library so I could make circles around it while I tried to find a parking garage. Well, no such luck there as every other side street it tried to turn me down was closed and torn apart with construction, and every parking garage I passed said it was full. Having no idea where I am, and now fully panicking cause I NEED to get parked and get to the library, I finally see a parking lot that's nearly empty, no gates, no nothing- I park and pull up the map, and it's FIVE. BLOCKS. from the library. It's the parking lot for the bombing memorial! -_-;;

FINE. I walked over to the hut to pay for the spot (And then realized I had to know the number of my spot and so walked all the way back across the lot, then back to the hut to put the money in the appropriate slot in the box), and set off toward the library. When I finally get there and find out where I' to go, it was literally ten minutes of paperwork, taking a photo, getting n intro packet and badge, then I was off to walk back to my car, five blocks away, uphill.

Honestly, I don't understand why they can't just let you do all that at the library your going to work in. I completely understand the fact that their Human Resources Department is in the Downtown Library. That's fine. But surely they must realize that it is a massive ordeal to have to travel all the way into downtown, through traffic, highways, one way streets, construction, potholes, and then pay for parking hopefully near the building, just to show up for a twenty minute interview or a couple seconds of paperwork. There's just no reason for all that. They even offered me parking vouchers in the past, but it's only for a specific garage, and it's always full anyway. I would love to go and spend some time at the Downtown Library, because it's huge and very nice- but I never will because it's so inconvenient. I honestly wouldn't ever go to any business in the downtown area unless I lived there. It's just that god awful.

Anyway, once I was done there, it was off to Belle Isle, where I actually work. The walk back to the car was terrible, not so much because it was uphill, but I was wearing my dressy shoes as I was told I had to be business casual, and they systematically wore holes in the backs of my heels for the entire eight hours I was out and about in them. (It also turns out that Pages don't have to be business casual anyway, and I purchased some nice black sneakers to wear today!)

Once I got there it was smooth sailing- I watched about an hour and a half of powerpoints and read through some stuff. Signed my oath to follow constitutional laws and such (It's a library thing, since we protect freedom of speech!). Got my schedule, sorted and shelved some books. It's pretty laid back, and I know I'll enjoy it.

I'm hoping to get back into school at least by next year (2013, not 2012), and I really think this job will work with my schedule for that, especially these evening shifts! It may be the lowest rank in the library totem pole, but it's a step in the right direction! Masters Degree, here I comes!


Anyhoo, we got some good news the other day- Matt has been promoted! He's now the Operations Manager of the second shift! He'll be getting a work phone soon, which will be annoying as he could be called in to do work at any time. This may be the last of his promotions, at least for a time. The next rank up is already taken, so his manager would have to move elsewhere before he could into that job. We'll see what happens, and what this means in the long run!

As for myself I'm just enjoying this day off. I'm  bit sore from my walks yesterday.  Also, you know I've been reading this:

Yeah... I think I'm going to put it on the shelf for a while and come back to it later. It's good, yes, there's no denying that. But it's slow... it just doesn't seem to be getting anywhere fast. I'm over halfway through and it's just not doing it for me. I really feel like this books was all hype, and not so much on the delivery. The prose and writing is excellent, and the story would be wonderful... if they'd ever get to it. So much is left up to the reader, it's often just a series of vignettes, with little explanation or reason to them. It becomes frustrating for me to have to invent what's going on in the background of things just to fill in the story.

I've got lots of books to choose from really, already purchased and waiting to be read. No real reason to waste time on reading something I'm not really enjoying!



Daffycat said...

Gahhh, I told you to have Papa take you downtown! Silly goose, he would have been thrilled to be helping out.

I'm so glad the rest of your work day was good. I think you will be much happier than if you were still in retail.

I would dress as nice as possible even though you do not have to be in BC. Always dress for the job you WANT rather than the job you HAVE. *motherly advice*

Whoa! Your Blue Jay is just gorgeous. Can I request a Cardinal? I had no idea you could draw birds like that!

Daffycat said...

BTW I left a comment on your Dec 26th post...didn't know if you would see it that far back.

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