Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dragon Grins!

The turtle has been found! I walked into the bedroom last night and there it was, being rubbed all over Taco's face. I have no idea where she hid it, as I'd torn the room apart looking for it. Cats!

Drew this fellow last night!

I was intending to do a full background and shading on him- but what I wanted as a background just wasn't going to happen at my current digital art skill level, and I thought the flats looked so nice, crisp, and clean I opted to upload him as is. I may update him later and add in those things, but I love the smooth, clear colors of it.

Here's a little puzzle update as well!

Edge is all finished and I'm starting to work in the grey colors in it, which is mostly the path and the sky above. Going to start on the red brickwork and the pots for the plants today, then probably the foliage. I try to start around the edges and work my way in, while also putting together really obvious things like signs or structures when I find the pieces. I dunno if that's cheating or not, but it's what I do!


1 comment:

Daffycat said...

Silly, you can't cheat on a jigsaw! If the point was to put the thing together ONLY by shape it wouldn't be a picture it would just be a solid color. Right?