Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Merries!

Had tons of fun and food at my families on Christmas Day. Even snagged some sweet loot! As I said before, my parents came down and bought us a dining room table! They even through in a bed frame for us, since our mattress has lain on the floor since we got it.

We'd called the delivery-time-estimate phone number last night to get a two hour estimate on when they'd be appearing with our stuff. We knew the Half Price Books stores down here were having a sale today, so we were hoping they'd come early. We were pretty pleased when it told us between ten thirty and twelve thirty for delivery- that'd get it over with quickly and we wouldn't have to waste the day waiting around the house. Half Price Books even opens at 9AM, so we got up and went right over there... But about 9:45 the delivery peeps called to tell us they were running fast and would be there at ten Oh noes! We rushed home to let them in to set it all up!

Taco approved of the table as well, and hopped up to join us while we ate breakfast at our new table! And now I have someplace I can use my hand me down tea coasters at, woo! After a quick meal, we ran off to the other Half Price Book places nearby....

And of course I bought books!

Quite the haul for me, and pretty darn cheap too, since they're ALL used! Yay! I was stoked to find The Map of Time, it was just released earlier this year, and isn't even out in paperback yet. I got it cheaper then what a trade paperback would have cost in hardcover! And I absolutely ADORE the cover art on that one. The Cashier even jokingly scolded me that she was intending to buy it LOL!

On the way home we picked up this for Taco: 

The turtle is hollow inside but for some fluff, with a velcro closing on it. You can STUFF the thing full of catnip. Taco immediately flopped over over on the floor and proceeded to rub it all over her face for five minutes. Cats are weird.

Anyhoo, I got some wonderful gifts for Christmas from the rest of my family. A new puzzle, an Oklahoma State art piece for our apartment, an ornament for our tree, lots of money and... this....

Yes. That is, in fact, my new football helmet. A gift from my Uncle. It's kind of cool I guess? I mean, I've never seen a real football helmet before. It was supposedly used in a game. It even has warning stickers in it about bashing people in the face with it. I'm really not into football at all... I don't even know who the people who've signed it are! It's still neat, and I set it on top of the printer in the computer room where everyone can see it when the come over... but beyond that I'm not real sure what to do with it. It's the thought that counts! Guess I'll keep it for a few years and then ebay it? O.o

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


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Daffycat said...

Hmmm, I know I left a comment on this post. Dammit, I probably miss-typed the WV and just left and it didn't get posted.

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BTW I LOVE that picture of Taco at the table ~ ROFLOL!