Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chaos Part Two: Tacocat is a Palindrome...

I figured I'd start off this post with the good news I received yesterday- I have a job! I received a call yesterday that I'd finally been chosen for one of the positions I'd been interviewing for. I'm soon to be a Page at the Belle Isle Library in Oklahoma City. The hours are a bit wonky, shifts like 3PM-9PM, but the pay will $9.41. Figuring that out I'll be making the same rate of pay doing a job I will actually enjoy, and twelve less hours of work a week then what I was making at the Wal-Mart in Stillwater. Not too shabby!

It is just an intro position, nothing too important, and I'm sure I'll be the first job to be cut if there's a budget issue, but it'll be actual in library experience. And the late afternoon to night shifts will work well for when I return to college for my MLIS degree! I'm pretty stoked.

I mentioned a new friend in my last post- here she is!

This is my cat, Taco! We were able to bring here down to live with us here at our apartment this last Thursday when I was back in Stillwater for an eye doctors appointment. She did very well on the nearly two hour drive, and kept her meowing to a minimum. She's taken very well to the house, and  though she spent the first few hours of her first night here taking slow, giant, sneaky cat steps everywhere, she hasn't been bothered by being here at all.

In fact the only alarm she displayed was when I showed her that kitty bed I put on the box next to my desk. It sits just below Mage's tank (which she is looking at in the photo), which I had thought Taco would enjoy. But when I first set her in there she looked at Mage in absolute HORROR, and backed up as far as she could before turning around and running away. I guess if you haven't seen a fish before they're terrifying..? She has since made amends with the fish- She tried desperately to kill him for about five minutes the next day but was thwarted by his invisible force field of protection (the tank walls LOL), and is now content to watch him swim about. Silly cat!

Taco is a bed cat, she LOVES cat beds. Some do, and some don't. She's also a big masher, and will sit on nearly anything soft and mash it with her claws. She still has all her claws, and I don't believe in declawing cats, regardless of how obnoxious they can occasionally be. It's neither safe, nor fair!

Matt has had some trouble though. He's been around cats plenty of times, but here recently he's quit smoking. Now, he's suddenly developed an allergy to cats! He's been quite the sport about it though, and has been taking lots of allergy tablets. He insists we'll be keeping her, and I can't say I'm not relieved! A house just isn't right without a cat!

Anyway, I'd said I'd been in Stillwater last Thursday? That was to run more tests to check for Glaucoma. Turns out I most likely have it. I'm at the weird point where I don't actually have any damage to my vision, but the pressure in my eyes is high enough, and there's enough thinning in my nerves at the back of my eyes that my doctor was surprised I didn't! Though he can't actually say that I have Glaucoma until  it starts causing damage, we opted to head it off and start taking the eye drops anyway. He gave me a trial bottle (Itty bitty little thing!) which I take every night before bed, and I'll be returning to Stillwater on January 6th for another appointment. Blargh!

Though I got some excellent news yesterday about my library job, I also received some of the worst. The results for Sheba's biopsy on her thyroid finally came back, and confirmed that the cancer is malignant. Theres no real way to know what's going to happen from here on it. The Vet said she thought she got it all out when she removed the enlarged thryoid, which is good. But there's about a 50/50 chance it'll end up coming back, most likely in the other thyroid, or the lungs. They're looking into radiation therapy, but there's no telling what the cost will be or whether she could stand it. The Vet said she could live either another few months or another few years. She'll be going back for more frequent check ups, and we'll go from there.

And since I'm detailing all my other 'pet news' here's a nice shot I managed to get of Mage, who's recovering nicely from the fin rot he had a while back.


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Daffycat said...

ROFLMAO That is the BEST picture of Taco, ever! I sure hope Matt can stand the allergies.

Mage sure looks good. His fins are really filling out and he is so pretty! How is that frog, anyway?