Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chaos Part One: Return of the Freezinator....

Long absence from posting, and my apologies. I have sooo much to post about!

The very night we set up the Christmas tree (Back at the end of November, mind you!), I began to come down with an ear infection and Strep Throat, which is very, very uncomfortable if you've never had it. I had to go to the doctor that Tuesday, an especially annoying development as I'm currently uninsured and it cost a small fortune just to go and get one round of antibiotics. I didn't even need the doctor to tell me I had Strep... The searing pain when I swallowed (When I could swallow) and the white spots on the back of my throat were clear!

Virus uses Strep- It's super effective!

All in all, it had me layed out for about a week. The antibiotics worked quickly, but it still took time for everything to heal, and for the ear infection to clear up. Only costed $150 we don't have. @-@;;; Get insurance kiddies!

After that it's been kind of a whirlwind of activity. I'm now engaged to be married- not really any big deal actually! I promise! Matt and I have been living as 'man and wife' for 3 years now essentially, we're really just making it official for legal reasons (Especially the aforementioned insurance problem!). No fancy ceremony or anything, we're just going to go down to the courthouse, save everyone time and money. I hate being the center of attention anyway!

My dog Sheba, had surgery two weeks back to remove an enlarged thryoid. She's doing well, and her stitches came out this last Friday. I'm so glad she's feeling better; it's very upsetting to away from a sick pet- I always worry I'll get a phone call that something's happened!

Over the last three weeks, I've continued having hell from my refrigerator. To describe this in greater detail, let me give you a little geology lesson. In nature, water can trickle down into cracks in rocks and such. If it freezes, the water expands as it turns into ice, and this can wrench the rocks apart.

This is called 'frost wedging'. It does a lot to shape our landscapes. Sometimes it's even really annoying- ever notice the sudden appearance of cracks and potholes in streets during after a rain or snow in winter? Frost wedging is why.

This is my celery.

It has been frost wedged.

The Freezinator DESTROYED an entire head of celery, made some very weird mushrooms, frostified a bag of shredded lettuce, froze and broke open several eggs, turned a whole bag of baby carrots into little orange ice cubes, and consistently turned my leftovers into leftover bricks. No bueno.

I went to the office and let them know about our fridge being way to good. They sent someone around, who left a note on the counter stating simply that they'd "Adjusted the Thermostat". Way to make me sound like an idiot! We'd already tried that of course, and had set the fridge to the warmest setting we could- it seemed to be stuck at a higher setting.

In any case, it seems to have been fixed. I'm crossing my fingers that it stays this way. It was kind of a cute, silly little problem when it was freezing our beverages. But we haven't got a ton of money extra, and I'd rather not lose any more food to an errant fridge.

Anyhoo, that's all for tonight! I have more I'll be posting in the next day or two! A new friend has come to visit the apartment, and I wanna post all about it soon!


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