Monday, November 28, 2011

O' Christmas Tree!

Woke up with a serious case of the crud this morning. Well, i take that back, my throat was hurting last night before I went to bed. Now when I swallow it's like there's a great lump on the right side that just aches. -_-;; Do not want sick! I have an interview tomorrow and an eye doctor appointment on Wednesday!

Yesterday evening, before I started feeling cruddy, my cousin dropped by their old Christmas Tree. They bought a new, bigger, pre-lit tree, and so gave me their old 6 foot, unlit one. I LOVE it! They'd forgotten to grab the lights on the way outta the house, but they'd had clear lights for it. Matt and I went out and picked up a few decorations, a tree skirt, and some colored lights, since they're my favorite kind.

It's so pretty I love it!

I've been spending the morning on the computer and doing chores. While I was playing some computer games it quite suddenly struck me that I now live in the city, and that this isn't some strange extended vacation. It was such a weird and sudden thought it really gave me pause. I guess it's partly from coming down here for so many years to stay with my Grandparents for a week or two. The city has always been the cool place we go to visit for the day, it's just so weird to think of it as my home! In our apartment it's easy to pretend the whole kit and kaboodle is still in Stillwater and my parents are only a three minute drive away.  Not that I'm upset to be living in the city or anything, I guess my brain just still isn't used to it!

Blregh. Gonna go find some medicine, I feel so cruddy!


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Daffycat said...

It does feel strange to be alone here, I know that much =(

Your tree sure looks pretty. Do you have Christmas music too? lol

Feel better soon!