Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nice and quiet!

After a busy, busy Thanksgiving day, I'm happy to just be at home, enjoying the quiet! There was tons of fun having turkey and trimmings with my family, but it's nice to not be around so many people! I've spent the last two days watching TV and playing Skyrim, and cooking Matt and I's two favorites- Chicken Noodle for me, and last night, Chicken and Rice for him!

Well, I say everything's been quiet. We did venture out on Black Friday, late in the day after the majority of the anarchy had passed, and picked up one MAJOR quality of life improvement for the two of us.

Matching desk chairs! Woooo! They were both originally $150 each, and we got them on sale for $75. Nice leather, pretty wood arm rest struts and wheel... thingies. They're such a massive improvement for us, as we both spend so much time at our computers, and the tiny foldout chairs we had were very uncomfortable. Especially after long periods, our backs and butts were very sore! But no more!

We also went to a pet shop called Alligator Alley, looking for betta stuff. They didn't actually have any fish things there, but they did have TONS of neat lizards and snakes. I was having a blast looking at all the reptiles and amphibians, but Matt wasn't particularly comfortable in the tight space with all the awkward pets. He was not pleased when we came across a glass container with a massive scorpion in it, and we quickly left. I made him promise to take me back though, as they actually have real alligators there, but they're viewing area was closed at the time. :(

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!


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Daffycat said...

Nice chairs! And a good buy too. Did you have to assemble them? I remember mine was a booger to put together!

There is an aquarium shop in Edmond somewhere. I've been to it but I don't remember where it is.