Sunday, November 20, 2011

New fishy friends, and a family visit!

"Okay, without your glasses, read the lowest line you can."
"Uhm.... E."

I had an eye doctor appointment this last Friday. Had to pick out some new frames and get a stronger prescription... I despise picking new frames, it's like selecting a new nose; they make you look completely different! Unfortunately I have to drive back down to Stillwater on the 30th for another appointment and more tests. I may have Glaucoma after all, which is a fairly serious, if treatable disease. They want to make positive I have it though, before they put me on the meds, since I'll have to take them the rest of my life! O.O; Will jsut have to wait and see!

Yesterday was a very busy day! My entire extended family, minus my uncle, came over to see our new apartment. At first it was just going to be mom, then she stopped by my grandparents house to see if they'd like to go to lunch with us, and they decided to come see it too. I'd asked mom to call and let us know they were their way- a few minutes later, I get a call from my Aunt Carol, telling me that they were all headed out, including my cousin Danelle and her Husband Ryan! 0.0; But we had a lovely visit, and lunch at Chelino's, and they all really liked our new place!

In other news, Matt found a neat addon for our XBMC (X-Box Media Center) app for our TV. It takes all the TV shows and Movies we have saved on our computer and arranges them into channels for us.

It's really nice, as it gives us a way to 'channel surf". We tag all of our shows with genres and it runs them on a time schedule. If, say, Nightmare Before Christmas is scheduled to air at 8 PM, and we shut down the program, then start it back up at 8 PM, it will be playing Nightmare Before Christmas. So long as we don't have it rebuild the channel list, it keeps to the schedule even when it isn't actively playing! We can even find bumpers, commercials, and movie trailers we like, and have it run those in between our movies and tv shows! I could find the old Gator Golf commercial from the 90's and have it play!

In other, other news, yesterday while my mum was here, we went and picked up a five gallon hexagonal tank for my Betta Fish, Mage.

This is my Betta, Mage. I really wish I could say he still looks as good- he's currently suffering from fin rot most likely from ammonia and nitrite poisoning, which is a common bowl ailment. Bowls just aren't good fish environments, and during the anarchy that was packing and moving, with me changing living locations every couple of days, and him getting moved to my mum's house at one point, he just wasn't getting the care he deserved.

This is Mage's new home- lots of plants and a bridge to play with and in, TONS of space for him to swim around, and he's even got some new friends! A spotted cory cat, dwarf african clawed frog, and 4 little ghosty shrimps! With the filters and other fish, it'll be a much more stable environmental, and his tank is big enough to have a heater on it that keeps the temp at a constant 78ish degrees for him. After a few weeks, it should be all good to go, and then there will be minimal cleaning effort needed- no more having to net him out and do full water changes and the like! Woot!

The colors are really, really off. It's hard to get clear photos of a fish tank anyway, and on top of that the water is dyed blue from his medicines!

You can see how short his tail has gotten. :( My poor baby fish! He seems super happy now though! He's having tons of fun exploring, playing in the woosh of water from the filter, chasing his foody pellets and stuff down. He bullied the ghost shrimp around last night, but hasn't bothered about them at all today. Everyone seems to be getting along just fine! I'm so happy for him!

Gonna go get Mage some antibiotics tonight to clean up any residual fin rot problems he may still have, and some ich treatment to prevent any infestations from the rest of the new friends we added. Then it's off to Best Buy, and then to Walmart to pick up stuff to make Stew for dinner tonight! Awesome weekend!


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Daffycat said...

Wow, Mage does look happy! I hope you continue to enjoy fish keeping. It is a fun hobby and Betta's make wonderful pets.