Thursday, November 17, 2011

How I discovered a nearly six pound chicken fits in a gallon Ziploc baggie...

It's been a fantastic couple days. We've settled into our new home nicely, and we've yet to find anything much wrong with it. Even the neighbors (so far) have been quiet; I've never once heard the upstairs neighbor walking and only a few times heard water running in the next apartment over. It's really nice not having paper thin walls!

The only disturbances thus far have been a Rent-a-Center person come by the day after we moved in looking for the PS3 the previous renters apparently stole, and the carpet cleaner people who thought we'd scheduled an appointment. They were just as confused as I am, and he even told me something along the lines of "We were just here last week to clean everything...O.o"

Anyway, last night we invited Lance over for a nice homemade dinner- Roast Chicken with Country Vegetables, and Mashed Potatoes with Giblet Gravy. Yesterday morning I set about getting the house clean and dinner prepped. I didn't want to have to rush around that evening so I opted to get the chicken and veggies in the pan, seasoned and everything and put it in the fridge, ready to pull out and transfer to the oven at four PM.

This is where the Freezinator comes in. I have (just now) dubbed our refrigerator that. When we first moved in, that very evening we went and picked up some groceries so we wouldn't be without breakfasty things the next day. Well, the next morning Matt goes to make himself some cereal and the milk is frozen. Like, frozen solid. This was a block of milk.

Turns out the temperature control was up as high as it goes at 9, so everything in there got a bit to frosty. We turned it down to the lowest we could set it, at 5. It shows that it goes lower, but no amount of twisting that nob will turn it... Dunno why.

Anyway, we figured that surely that'd be enough. But when I set some ground beef to thaw in there a day or so later, it was still hard as a brick the next morning. It's like Mr. Freeze has set up base in my refrigerator.

Freeze ALL the things!!

So skip back to two days ago when we went and got more groceries. I picked up the chicken from the store, which was definitely partially frozen in the middle of it, but the outsidey bits were all soft and thawed. I thought nothing of it besides to stick the sucker in the BOTTOM of the fridge, as far away from the cooling elements I could get it. Surely, surely, in two days time it'll thaw out completely. I mean, the fridge has had a few days to warm up a bit inside. But when I got it out, the outside was definitely frosty....

Darnit! I decided that surely it's just the juice and stuff on the inside of the package... I mean, it's been in the fridge! For two days! I can't honestly be frozen all the way through, come on! This is a chicken we're talking about, not a 20 pound turkey. I floated it in some water in the sink and waited while I diced veggies for the bed of the pan.

After around an hour, I poked it. Seemed soft and squishy in it's little bag. The skin seemed all squidgy and defrosted... It should be good now! Draining off the sink, I sliced into that sucker, went to rinse him off, and lo and behold-

LOL! I'm still frozen! :D

Darnit! Frantic, I think of what to do. Should I just float the whole chicken in water unwrapped like this? Surely that can't be sanitary! Then I think... Ziploc baggies. MAYBE it'll fit inside a ziploc! Feeling a little weird, I go and fetch a gallon sized freezer bag, and set about stuffing a nearly six pound chicken into it- and it fits. I've never been so thankful for a freezer bag in my life! I never realized how much those things will actually hold.

The rest of the evening went mostly without a hitch. I was super excited to find a neck, liver and giblets inside the chicken; the others I've roasted have all been around 3 pounds, so they've never come with them before. So I changed my plans from making long grain and wild rice to mashed potatoes and giblet gravy. Besides the chicken breast getting a little overdone and the veggies being pretty burney, everything came out great! And even the veggies were still tasty!

But the best part of the evening was the house warming gift that Lance brought us! I wish I'd though to photograph it before we disassembled it, Lance had it arranged all pretty in there! Two gorgeous, deep green bath towels, two contrasting wash clothes and a hand towel, a dark green rug, and a light green shower curtain with a set of beautiful decorative silver rings to hang it with. It was all from JC Penny, so he spent way too much on us, but I love them! We put the rug in the guest bathroom for everyone will be able to see it when they're in the apartment. I must admit I decided to be selfish and put the pretty green shower curtain in the master bath! I wanted to be able to enjoy it! XD

Anyway, I have a job interview today at 2:00 PM with the Warr Acres Library for a library aide position. It's not the position I want the most, but I'd be more then pleased to get it! I'm still hoping for the Circulation Desk position at the new Northwest Library here. I interviewed with them on Monday, and it sounds like they're getting some new and fantastic technology in there. I'd love to get a part of that action!

So anyway, Yay chicken dinner! And yay interviews! And remember-

Ziploc Freezer Bags: For all your sudden frozen chicken needs!



Sulky kitten said...

Hi there, thanks for popping over. Good luck with those interviews!

Daffycat said...

The title of this post cracked me up! Ziplock bags are awesome creations.