Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Cory Cat is No More....

Mage killed the cory cat today. I was on the computer and watching TV, happened to look over at the tank, and there he was lying on his back breathing heavily. It's partially my fault, I knew Bettas were often times too territorial for any tank mates, even low key mostly bottom dwelling fish. But they'd been doing so well together since Saturday night and Mage had never once bothered the cory cat, so I'd stopped watching out for them. He wasn't even interested in the cory cat at all.  Mage was just trying to make the cory cat leave his territory, but since it's a tank, there's simply no where to go. I feel really bad.

I netted the cory cat out, who was wounded but still breathing at the time, but he quickly expired. Poor thing. I am a sad panda :( Matt even offered to have a cory cat funeral tonight when he gets home, but I feel too bad about it. I just want to dispose of the little guy and be done with it.

This is also a bit of a double whammy on my feelings- I did not get the Circulation Desk position at the Northwest Library I wanted. I was very, very excited for the job as it would be a chance for me start working with a library from the ground up, even assisting with the load in of the books and materials. It would have been an amazing opportunity and I was extremely disappointed to get the generic "Thanks, but no thanks" email yesterday afternoon. I've still got three other interviews lined up for library aide positions at other locations... At least they will still be in a library, which is better then nothing.


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