Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chicken Soup with Rice....

It's been a good week. I've been working on finishing off some books so I can start my coveted "A Dance with Dragons" by George R.R.Martin. I was caught up in the midst of reading Brandon Sanderson's "The Way of Kings" when it was released, and I didn't really want to get into the middle of a second thousand page epic! In any case, I've finally managed to put another book down- curse my need to read multiple books at once!

I found "A Discovery of Witches" to be quite an enchanting read. *Spoiler Alert* I'd seen some mixed reviews on amazon, and I must say, I didn't find of the same issues with my read through. Perhaps the biggest issue most people seemed to have with it was the seemingly sudden love relationship between the two main characters. They said it was impossible for anyone to form a relationship so quickly especially given the prejudice's between the two 'creatures', one a witch and the other a vampire. Based on this I was a bit leery, hoping I wasn't getting 'Twilight' in a more adult setting.

Whoever was writing that review however failed to actually read the book. The whole situation is perfectly and plausibly explained through fate, the will of the Goddess, and magic. It was prophesied that the witchy heroine would fall in love with vampire hero- and beautifully written and revealed too. It's entirely believable based on the magic of the book. If those naysayers are silly enough to be unable to enjoy it based on their being magic in the story, I can't fathom why they'd be reading a book about witches and vampires in the first place!

Besides doing a lot of reading I have started having progresso soups for breakfasts and lunches. I LOVE soup, hands down my favorite food form. I'll eat it for any meal, and pretty much any format. I'd been seeing commercials for Progresso soups (Perhaps even highlighting it's dietary uses..?) and was needing some quick and easy meals at the apartment, and decided to go out and pick some cans up.

It's like.... Soup Heaven!

So far, they've all been pretty darn good. The worst I've had has been the french onion; French onion soup is one of my favorite varieties, although the only one I've found I like is Panera's. Although I wouldn't ever buy it again, it was still the best pre-packaged french onion I've ever had. Great big chunks of onion, thicker then most... Beats the heck out of any other canned or bagged! All the other varieties I've tried have been great. None of them are as good a fresh, homemade soup, but they're all very tasty and well worth the cost. I've yet to find a can of their Minestrone, another favorite variety of soup, but I'm hoping some of the grocery stores down in Oklahoma City will have some. 

So long as I don't find a can of this, I'll be good...


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